Revitalize Dated Sheet Vinyl Decking

Ducan’s Vinyl Re-fresh is the number one choice to revitalize dated sheet vinyl decking. Modernize and rejuvenate the appearance of your vinyl decking membrane with our proprietary blend of PVC and Elastomeric resins.

Modern Colour Choices: vinyl re-fresh comes in a satin finish and can be tinted to any of our six color choices; or custom tint to any mid tone/medium tint base formula. Check the integrity of your sheet vinyl. Pay close attention to the seams, around the posts and up against the building. Any cuts, tears or loose seams must be mended prior to coating.

Please note: vinyl re-fresh is not a waterproofing application for vinyl decking but a way to make your deck look fresh. Any pattern that you once had on your vinyl will now be a solid colour. vinyl re-fresh may not be suitable for all sheet vinyl.

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An Advanced Specialty Coating!

Ducan provides advanced solutions for your home’s outdoor living spaces where many of us are spending more time with family and friends. These specialty coatings not only enhance and beautify the surfaces they are applied to, but are also environmentally safe.

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