Rubber Deck Coating – Textured, waterproof defense as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Protective Deck Coating System

A waterproofing primer that promotes greater adhesion.

A waterproofing Neoprene rubber, slip-resistant texture layer that is both durable and flexible.

An acrylic, UV protective, water-based, tintable coating for durability and beauty.


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Protect with 3 easy steps.

Tufdek® is a superior, non-toxic water-based coating system that provides long-lasting protection from water, sunlight and every day spills. The permanently flexible, protective and skid resistant coating system is scientifically formulated for all weather exposures and everyday use. Tufdek® provides superior performance over decks, docks, ramps, walkways, raised concrete decks and many other surface applications. In 3 easy steps, your exterior surfaces will be waterproof, UV-protected, and slip-resistant. Not only does Tufdek® offer durable protection for your deck surface, it also offers design flexibility. The Step 3 Colour Coat is tintable to 12 attractive colour options, leaving you with a beautiful deck that is sure to match any building exterior.


The Benefits


Tufdek® is safe for children, pets, and the environment. The high-performance water­based solution is very low odour and is VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant with the Canadian Clean Air Act and the U.S. EPA concentration limits.


Tufdek® is a durable, protective deck coating system that will resist water, sunlight, weather damage, and wear and tear. The three-step coating system is designed to permanently adhere to high-traffic surfaces like new plywood, fiberglass, above-ground concrete, and metal. Tufdek® is permanently flexible and will expand and contract with the substrate below.


Tufdek® is waterproof to protect surfaces from moisture damage. With regular maintenance, plywood decks will not rot, and metal surfaces will not rust, providing your surface with long-lasting protection that is second to none.


Tufdek® incorporates rubber non-skid particles for a safe and slip-resistant surface – even in wet weather condi­tions. On plywood decks, the slip-resistant coating also offers protection from painful wood splinters, which is typical of slotted wood decking.

low maintenance

Tufdek® is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. It’s mildew, dirt, and stain resistant and requires a quick cleaning just once or twice a year with Ducan The Duke® all purpose cleaner and degreaser.

design flexibility

Tufdek® Step 3 Colour Coat is a medium tint base and is tintable to 6 attractive colour choices. Consult your colour specialist at a Tufdek® dealer for more information on custom tinting.


Surface Types


Tufdek® is recommended for:

  • New T&G plywood
  • Water based deck coating* • Metal surfaces
  • Aluminium surfaces
  • Above ground concrete
  • Pressure treated plywood
  • Neoprene® and Hypalon® deck coating*
  • Fibreglass

DO NOT APPLY Tufdek® over:

  • Slotted lumber boards
  • OSB or Chip Board
  • Old weathered plywood
  • Stairs
  • Silicone
  • Sheet vinyl

When unsure of the surface you are coating, we recommend doing a small test patch to ensure compatibility.


Application Instructions


Download Instructions

You can view the Tufdek® application instructions as an image, or download the PDF below.

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