Become an Installer

Become an Installer

Explore New Business Opportunities With Ducan

When you build a better deck, you build a better business! Singly applied roof style membrane decking is the fastest growing segment of the roofing industry. Dek-Master® Vinyl (PVC) is the “Best of the Best”. Waterproof, easily applied, attractive, long lasting, Dek-Master® Vinyls can be applied over plywood, concrete and metal substrates.

Many contractors are adding the Dek-Master® Vinyl System to help clients attain a beautiful and functional deck surface. Dek-Master® Vinyl’s durable surface adds value by creating a functional outdoor living space as well as an equal dry space beneath the deck that can be used for storage or closed in to create a living space.

Dek-Master® vinyl will fully adhere to new plywood, above ground concrete, fiberglass, metal and most rigid surfaces. The most common applications are raised decks, sundecks, balconies, porches, boats, boat houses, houseboats, docks and wharfs.

The advantages for you, the Dek-Master® installer:

Ducan requires no costly franchise fees.

You receive qualified leads prior to meeting with a potential customer through your local building store. Some stores will advertise our products.

Ducan receives installation inquiries on a daily basis which we qualify and forward to the installer.

The building store is your inventory location.

You will be provided with training in all aspects of installation, estimating, quoting and receive certification as a “Ducan Authorized Installer” upon training completion.

If you are interested in adding to your existing trade skills or creating a new business opportunity, Ducan can help. Please contact us if you wish to become a Ducan Dek-Master® Authorized Installer.

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