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DEK-MASTER® 45 Mil Vinyl

Description:  A fully cured PVC vinyl material impregnated onto a polyester fabric backing.

Features: Waterproof, Long Lasting, Fade and Mildew Resistant, Non-Skid, Easy to Clean, Cool to the Touch, Easy to Install.

Uses:  Commonly used to waterproof Sundecks, Balconies, RV Roof Tops, Sun Rooms, Boats and Boathouses. Will adhere to Plywood, Metals, Fiberglass, Above Ground Concrete and Rubberized Coatings.

NOTE: 74" width - Sold by the linear foot - Roll length 90 lin ft - Can be cut to length.



Description: A modified cement based compound for filling and leveling T & G plywood joints, screw holes, transitions between wood and flashing or cant strip.

Features: Easy to apply, fast dry time, sandable, mixes easily with 2 parts Dek-Patch, 1 part water.

Uses: As a joint crack and hole filler and leveler. To be used on new plywood surfaces under Dek-Master® vinyls.

NOTE: Spread rate 64 sq ft per quart or 2 sheets of plywood.

DEK-MASTER® Regular Water-Based Adhesive

Dek-Master Regular Water based adhesive is a water based acrylic adhesive, especially designed for laying PVC floor coverings and carpets with many different backings. It is easy to apply indoors and outdoors producing a high tack. Up to one hour of working time.

Features: Waterproof, user friendly in extreme cold weather. Allows up to 1 hour of working time. Low odor. White, dries to clear.

Uses: Adhering Ducan Dek-Master® 45 mil vinyl in a temperature range of 15° C to 30° C (59F° to 86F°).

NOTE: 1 Gal will cover 64 sq ft of deck surface. (1 coat on back of vinyl and 1 on the wood)


Description: A solvent based neoprene adhesive especially formulated for exterior vinyl application with a low nap roller.

Features: Waterproof, flexible in extreme hot and cold weather. User friendly allowing up to 15 minutes working time (exterior use).

Uses: Adhering Ducan Dek-Master® 45 mil and 45 mil vinyls to metal trims in temperature range of 8° C to 32° C.

NOTE: 1 Qt will cover approximately 60 lin ft of metal trim.


Description: A PVC vinyl/acrylic blend solvent cement for sound waterproof Dek-Master® 45 mil vinyl overlap seams.

Features: Waterproof, non-yellowing, easy to apply and flexible in extreme cold.

Uses: To chemically weld and waterproof Dek-Master® 45 mil vinyl overlap seams, outside corners, inside corners.

NOTE: 1 can will do approx. 20-25 linear feet of seam based on a 1 inch overlap.

Warning: Ducan highly recommends using Heat Welded overlap seams on 45 mil vinyl and cannot guarantee the results if Overlap Cement is used.

DEK-MASTER® Galvanized Metal Flashing - 6 FT

Description: 30 gauge galvanized metal flashing with non-return drip edge.

Features: Galvanized metal will not rust. Non-return drip edge to lead water away allowing the fascia board to stay dry.

Uses: Nail down 1/4" off the fascia board around the outside perimeter of the deck.

DEK-MASTER® Galvanized Metal Cant Strip - 6 FT

Description: 30 gauge galvanized metal cant strip to replace the use of wooden cant strip.

Features: Galvanized metal will not rust. Recessed back edge to allow for smooth, even caulking line.

Uses: Cant strip is nailed down in front of the building wall to allow a smooth transition between the deck and the wall. This will allow water to flow easily off of the wall and onto the deck.

DEK-MASTER® Plastic U-Channel - 6 FT

Description: Finishing edge for a professionally finished look to the deck.

Features: Easy to install friction fit. Clean looking finishing edge.

Uses: To clip over the vinyl and flashing edge. Prevents curling of vinyl from the edge of the flashing.


Description: Roller suitable for applying solvent and water based adhesives.

Features: A flamed bonding process that embeds the fleece into the core. This allows the roller to perform with solvents without falling apart.

Uses: For applying adhesives to the deck surface as well as to the back side of the vinyl.

THE DUKE® Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser

The Duke Cleaner and Degreaser is a powerful, economical cleaner for many surfaces such as decks, vinyl siding, driveways, walkways, sidewalks or stairs. It attacks bbq grease, oil and soot and grime. It can also be used indoors on surfaces such as chrome, tubs, sinks, tile and garage floors.

  1. makes up to 40 LTRS
  1. cleans decks, bbq grease, outdoor furniture, vinyl decks and vinyl siding, trailers
  1. can be used to clean indoors on plastic, metal, rubber and fabric

NOTE: Must be diluted with water to activate.

DEK-MASTER® Wood Deck Drain Assembly

Description: The Deck Drain Assembly is designed for wood decks.

Features: Composed of 3 parts: the grate, the clamp collar and the drain body. It has a 6 1/2" deck opening with the 3 deck flange screws set at 7 3/4" diameter. The flange is 8" in diameter..

Uses: Designed for use on a plywood deck surface that is being covered with a vinyl membrane.

NOTE: Easy installation instructions included with each drain assembly.

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