DEK-MASTER® 45 Mil Vinyl Bundle

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DEK-MASTER® 45 Mil Vinyl

Description:  A fully cured PVC vinyl material impregnated onto a polyester fabric backing.

Features: Waterproof, Long Lasting, Fade and Mildew Resistant, Non-Skid, Easy to Clean, Cool to the Touch, Easy to Install.

Uses:  Commonly used to waterproof Sundecks, Balconies, RV Roof Tops, Sun Rooms, Boats and Boathouses. Will adhere to Plywood, Metals, Fiberglass, Above Ground Concrete and Rubberized Coatings.

NOTE: 74" width - Sold by the linear foot - Roll length 90 lin ft - Can be cut to length.



DEK-MASTER® Regular Water-Based Adhesive


Description: A solvent based neoprene adhesive especially formulated for exterior vinyl application with a low nap roller.

Features: Waterproof, flexible in extreme hot and cold weather. User friendly allowing up to 15 minutes working time (exterior use).

Uses: Adhering Ducan Dek-Master® 31.5 mil and 45 mil vinyls to metal trims in temperature range of 8° C to 32° C.

NOTE: 1 Qt will cover approximately 60 lin ft of metal trim.


Description: A PVC vinyl/acrylic blend solvent cement for sound waterproof Dek-Master® 31.5 mil vinyl overlap seams.

Features: Waterproof, non-yellowing, easy to apply and flexible in extreme cold.

Uses: To chemically weld and waterproof Dek-Master® 31.5 mil vinyl overlap seams, outside corners, inside corners.

NOTE: 1 can will do approx. 25 linear feet of seam based on a 1 inch overlap.

Warning: Ducan highly recommends using Heat Welded overlap seams on 45 mil vinyl and cannot guarantee the results if Overlap Cement is used.

DEK-MASTER® Deck Caulk/Sealant - 318 ML

Description: A sealant that is an extremely flexible, single component, non-sag elastomer that bonds to wood, concrete, brick, stucco, and metals.

Features: High rubber content, flexible in cold weather, low shrinkage, paintable, non-staining and can be used in cold weather.

Uses: A deck caulking compound used around posts, up against the house where the vinyl and cant strip meet the house, or any place where moisture may threaten to seep in.

NOTE: 1 container will cover approximately 25 linear feet.

DEK-MASTER® Galvanized Metal Flashing - 6 FT

Description: 30 gauge galvanized metal flashing with non-return drip edge.

Features: Galvanized metal will not rust. Non-return drip edge to lead water away allowing the fascia board to stay dry.

Uses: Nail down 1/4" off the fascia board around the outside perimeter of the deck.

DEK-MASTER® Galvanized Metal Cant Strip - 6 FT

Description: 30 gauge galvanized metal cant strip to replace the use of wooden cant strip.

Features: Galvanized metal will not rust. Recessed back edge to allow for smooth, even caulking line.

Uses: Cant strip is nailed down in front of the building wall to allow a smooth transition between the deck and the wall. This will allow water to flow easily off of the wall and onto the deck.

DEK-MASTER® Plastic U-Channel - 6 FT

Description: Finishing edge for a professionally finished look to the deck.

Features: Easy to install friction fit. Clean looking finishing edge.

Uses: To clip over the vinyl and flashing edge. Prevents curling of vinyl from the edge of the flashing.


Description: Roller suitable for applying solvent and water based adhesives.

Features: A flamed bonding process that embeds the fleece into the core. This allows the roller to perform with solvents without falling apart.

Uses: For applying adhesives to the deck surface as well as to the back side of the vinyl.

THE DUKE® Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser

Description: A chemically activated, concentrated, all purpose cleaner and degreaser.

Features: Bio-degradable, economical, buffered pH, pleasant clean odour, free rinsing, non-flammable, convenient 1.9 L size dilutes to make up to 40 litres.

Uses: Ideally suited for cleaning and degreasing all around the house, yard, car, boats, RV's, Dek-Master® vinyls, sundecks, patios, concrete driveways, garden equipment, painted walls, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl siding.

NOTE: Must be diluted with water to activate.

DEK-MASTER® Wood Deck Drain Assembly

Description: The Deck Drain Assembly is designed for wood decks.

Features: Composed of 3 parts: the grate, the clamp collar and the drain body. It has a 6 1/2" deck opening with the 3 deck flange screws set at 7 3/4" diameter. The flange is 8" in diameter..

Uses: Designed for use on a plywood deck surface that is being covered with a vinyl membrane.

NOTE: Easy installation instructions included with each drain assembly.