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No matter what your project or renovation has in store, our Kodiak line will have you covered. Whether it’s restoration, renovation or the first coat on a new home Ducan has the right Kodiak Paint for you. Our primers and sealers are low-VOC, economical and easy to use!

Our Products


Our Super Prep 100 is a high performance latex primer that is fast drying, hi hide multi surface coating. Used to prime and seal drywall, joints and paper ensuring a uniform porosity and sheen for latex-based finish coats.

Super Seal 300

The Super Seal 300 is a high-performance latex & primer that combines superior stain-blocking and mold control in one easy to apply, attractive low lustre coat. Kodiak Super Seal 300 is an interior & exterior, low lustre, tintable, paint & primer used to cover stains from wood extracts, ink, marker, nicotine. Exceptional results are achieved when used as a restoration paint to block stain damage, mold and odors caused by fire and water.

Smooth Pro 500

Kodiak Smooth Pro 500 is a High-Hide PVA Acrylic primer sealer for gypsum, wallboard and concrete. This high performing PVA primer is fast drying, hi hide multi surface coating used to prime, seal, smooth and uniform Pre-Cast Concrete, Concrete Block, Stucco, Drywall and Plaster in one shot.

Super Prep 600

Super Prep 600 is a multi-surface PVA acrylic primer sealer for drywall, gypsum, wallboard, masonry and wood. Super Prep 600 is a fast drying, hi-hide multi surface used to seal, prime and finish drywall. As a primer Super Prep 600 seals and primes surfaces with excellent hide and hold out, providing a uniform surface for finish coats. This low VOC, eco friendly product can be used as a low cost, flat interior paint that is very economical by providing the Pro Painter with one easy to apply product that does it all.

Super Flat 700

Super Flat 700 is a economical interior wall paint that is fast drying, hi hide multi surface coating for use on walls and ceilings of primed plaster, drywall, wallboard, wood, masonry and primed metal.

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