Material Requirements

Dek-Master® Materials Calculator 45 mil Vinyl.

*for 60 mil vinyl material requirements, please follow our quoting service instructions below

NOTE: This calculator is specific to square or rectangle decks and is meant only as a guide. Cantstrip and Flashings are dependent on where the building is attached to the deck and what way the vinyl is run.

If you require a professional quote, please contact one of our building stores who supply Dek-Master® or if contacting us directly we require the following:

Ducan Professional Deck Quoting Service

Failure to provide all required information below will result in a prolonged waiting period to receive your quote.
  1. An accurate drawing of your deck with all measurements in feet and inches on every side. (if angles are present, we need inside and outside measurements of the angle)
  2. Where all doors are located
  3. Where the stairs are located
  4. The thickness of vinyl you would like
  5. Whether there is a permit pulled on your building
  6. If there is an enclosed living area beneath the deck
  7. Your name, email address, street address and daytime phone number
  8. Any pertinent information you think we need to know

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Materials Calculator


Enter length and width of your deck to get a materials estimate:

Length: feet
Width: feet

*Approximate cost per square foot retail cost:
including vinyl, adhesive and trims

                45 mil                           60 mil         
           $4.25 - $4.85 sf               $5.00 - $6.50 sf

*prices subject to change and is dependent upon varying retail store costs.

Please Note: All amounts are approximate.  Amount of vinyl, cantstrip, flashing, and u-channel depend on the configuration of the deck
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